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Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers. Examples of online advertising include contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads, Rich Media Ads, Social network advertising, interstitial ads, online classified advertising, advertising networks and e-mail marketing, including e-mail spam. Internet advertising offers a myriad of possible formats, including pertinent ads displayed with search engine results, banner ads and pop-ups, ads including audio and video, classified advertising and e-mail marketing.

Web-based communications change every day, and we monitor each development with a research team. We can structure campaigns across all internet formats, from Google pay-per-click to internet banner ads to behavioral-targeted and re-targeting ad networks of thousands of web sites. We can even get you inside the social networks of MySpace and Facebook, if it fits your strategy.

The benefit to you: internet marketing is often the lowest-cost way to generate leads and responses for your business. A slight change in efficiency on Google, or in banner strategy, can give you a 30-50% increase in internet results.

Highlights of Internet/Online/Digital Marketing and Advertising Services:

Our online/internet marketing and advertising team can help you in providing following services:

  • Online Advertising: The World Wide Web offers a lot avenues for business owners from small to large to advertise and reach out to their targetted audience.
  • Email Marketing: Just like physical mailers, newsletters help you reach out to prospective client, without spending huge amounts of money on print and paper.
  • For Publishers: Do you have a website or blog that you would like to monetize. Our team of expert Internet Marketers would to help you find the most suitable and profitable ad network for you.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Networks helps you take advantage of the large numbers of websites which offer information, news, reviews etc. in specific line of business, to get good quality leads and thus high sales, for a very small fee.
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