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Our multi-cultural media relations and publicity services are ideal for individuals (authors, consultants), small businesses (builders, realtors, manufacturers), professionals (physicians, financial planners), show businesses (film industry events and fashion shows) and corporations (B2B or B2C) who need to leverage their marketing dollars to gain maximum exposure by targeting the multi-cultural and ethnic demographics.

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WHAT DO WE DO: We work with our clients to create measurable, successful media programs that reach appropriate audiences with the right message at the ideal time.

HOW DO WE DO: Monthly PR retainers provide the most value for clients, but we also are happy to begin with project work (press releases, client newsletters, trade show media relations, showbiz media relations, feature writing, media training).

Most clients who use us for a project end up using us for larger campaigns.

BUT WHY US: Since We Get Results!

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