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Television Advertising remains one of the most effective tools for many a consumer brand in North America to reaching out to their target audiences glued to the TV sets and watching their favorite TV Channels. As such, no one can doubt even for a single moment that Television is one of the major mass media of the United States. Ninety-nine percent of American households have at least one television and the majority of households have more than one. As a whole, the television networks of the United States are the largest and most syndicated in the world.

The ethnic and foreign television industry has come a long way in United States and is expected to grow at a very fast pace during the decade with a number of new TV channels slated to launch their operations. With the total number of ethnic and foreign channels on air increasing day by day, broadcasters will be forced to slash advertising rates. This poses a challenge both for the brands and for the television advertising agencies as there is a dire need to optimize the ad spend while garnering not only the attention of the target audience but also boost sales.

The advertising rates of ethnic TV channels in United States are guided more by the popularity of the TV programming and their bouquet of content. The more influential channels are able to command a much higher advertising rates for TV advertisements than the less influential channels.

Mindpower Media can assist you in maximizing the ROI on your ad spend by comprehensively analyzing your products/services portfolio, the demographics of your target audiences, their TV viewing habits and the available options in Television Advertising in United States and Canada.

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