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Multimedia is a collection of various media: video, sound, graphics, animation and text, that come together to form a single unit which includes combination of text, graphic art, sound, animation, and video delivered to you by computer or other electronic means...When you give the user interactive control of the process, they can be enchanted. Multimedia excites the eyes, ears, fingertips and most importantly, the head.

Multimedia is the use of several media (e.g. text, audio, graphics, animation, video) to convey information. Multimedia also refers to the use of computer technology to create, store, and experience multimedia content. In fine art it is a synonym for traditional mixed media as well as technological new media. Multimedia is also a pleonasm as media is the plural of medium; hence it is a double plural.

Technological Multimedia can be broadly divided into linear and non-linear. Linear, like a film, plays without any navigation control for the viewer. Non-linear offers interactivity. The various formats of technological or digital multimedia may be intended to enhance the viewer's experience, for example to make it easier and faster to convey information. In entertainment or an art, to transcend everyday experience.

Technology to Transform Your Business
Multimedia incorporates various media like text, audio, graphics, video and animation. Research shows that both the audio and visual inputs help retain information for a longer period of time.

Multimedia CD presentations can be used to present your ideas in a captivating manner. The presentations designed at MindPower WebLabs are aimed to capture multiple senses of the audience to improve information retention.

Our enriched presentations can be used to make high impact business meetings, superior client communication and unforgettable training packages. With MindPower WebLabs you can inform, impress and persuade your audience.

Whether the need is to incorporate video, animation, graphics or sound, our multimedia specialists work closely with you to deliver an outstanding product.

Eye-catching communication is key in effectively getting your message across to your audience. Be it for a product launch, project proposal or business seminar; an interactive presentation adds punch to your presentation. Interactive communication involves its audience, besides the sound and sight combination doubles the recall value of the message.

MindPower WebLabs designs and develops multimedia solutions that integrate into your website and online marketing solutions. From the concept scripting and design to development and implementation, MindPower WebLabs delivers you with impacting multimedia presentations.

Be it video integration, audio-visual effects, programming, animation, or just about any multimedia requirement; MindPower WebLabs is equipped with the latest technology requirements, and an experienced team of professionals to help you meet your branding and marketing goals. Our range of multimedia solutions include:

Our creative designers begin work on the pages only after sessions of creative briefing and positioning requirements with you. Cutting edge tools and techniques comprising multimedia applications are used to develop world class pages for your website. What's important is that this process is undertaken under the guidance of our expert Technology personnel who ensure that the pages follow W3 Consortium Compliance in terms of download times and navigability. This process is followed till the page designs are approved by the client. These enable us, and in turn our clients, to offer visually appealing and technically sound pages to users. The Website Designing service is further enhanced with the use of Introductory Audio-visuals and CD Presentations.

Flash Animation

Engaging and animated interactivity on websites, CD business cards and varied applications.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Create a visual tour experience of your facility, product, proposed project and much more.

Digital Brochures
Create an audio-visual experience of your corporate profile. Ezines: cost-effective and timely updates to your customer.

Computer Based Tutorials (CBT's)

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