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Offshore software development division of MindPower WebLabs is righteous destination for all those clients, who are seeking to outsource their software projects, en route to success. We are the unequivocal destination, where one can have value and satisfaction of outsourcing their software development and software testing services.

Our methodologies of judicious blend of business analysis and management, for offshore software development have whetted us, since our inception, enabling us to successfully accomplish projects at hand. We specialize in custom software development. Our engineers have gained competent experience in application software development and software testing.

MindPower WebLabs understand their client’s business perspective and chooses the rightmost technology to design and deploy the products, following all grades of software development life cycle (SDLC). The Stages of software development life cycle followed at MindPower WebLabs are:
Software/System Requirement Specification

In this initial stage of MindPower WebLabs, our project leads meet the clients for detailed discussion for functional and nonfunctional course, design, and platform requirements. Also known as feasibility session, this stage outlines the scope of project, purpose, interfacing, resources involved, required functions, schedules, cost, and deliverables. After complete guidelines are created, proposal agreement is signed.

Software/System Requirement Analysis and Design
Our project managers and software developers analyze the accuracy and sufficiency of the requirement specified. Hardware and software architecture is designed developing a software module based on the design specification document. In short, the logical flow of the software product or service to be developed is created.

Code Generation and Testing
Code programmers write code according to the design specifications, adhering to coding standards. They utilize the latest tools and technologies that are best fit for the software development and client approved. The prototype design is sent for client approval, after which development process commences. As the code is generated, automated or manual testing is done alongside, to release bug free modules at pre-decided milestones.

Deployment, Training, and Support
Successful deployment and complete training is provided to the end-users. Our support and maintenance services accommodates for changes during post implementation stage.
Drop your business requirements at We provide high quality work that complies with international standards. It's easy, fun, and very affordable to outsource your project with us!

Software Application Development
Software application development services from MindPower WebLabs are innovative and aimed at providing new trends in the field of software designing and development. This is done in accordance with the software development standards to produce compatible software solutions.
As an offshore software development company and a part of MindPower Group Incorporated with resources in United States and India, MindPower WebLabs has a team of capacious domain savvy persons, with vast experience in technology. Our offshore application development team is best suited to understand and analyze the application requirements, then architect, develop, test its endurance, and finally deploy it to the clients with post project delivery management and support services.

MindPower WebLabs application software development services include:

  • Custom software application development
  • Application augmentation
  • Database and B2B portals
  • Re-designing and development of existing application
  • E commerce application development

Our style of working

  • MindPower WebLabs is service-focused application software Development Company basking competent and constant co-ordination from our client. We consider planning and coordination are the key factors to realize the benefits of any project.
  • Our application software developing team develops scalable and flexible software applications, integrating client business axioms for efficient products.
  • Detailed analysis of requirements is made observing specific objectives.
  • We employ new and latest software grid application development tools to craft application services.
  • We build up portable solution as well as extensible solution.
  • We pursue advance software processes to keep track of software application development services at each stage; subsequently providing complete maintenance support after timely delivery of rigorously tested final application.
  • Timely feedback of each milestone completed in software application development services is submitted to the client.
  • We are steadfast to deliver solution in time, high quality, and within budget.

We have worked in diverse fields ranging from custom software application development to web application development, and also product application development.

Software Product Development

We are a dedicated software product development company, providing technological consulting and offshore software product development that meets end-to-end solutions. As a software product development company, we offer high quality and reliable services to customers, all around the globe.
With a refined approach, MindPower WebLabs offshore software product development center have discovered the ways to carry out product development, keeping in touch with the evolving new technologies and pressure of keeping cost factor at a low. We have the skill in turning grand beginnings into qualified, profitable products. We look in each critical area of product development.

Product formulation and realization
MindPower WebLabs product management team understands the product needs, provides its own share of innovative ideas, and makes sure to choose and utilize the right technology guideline for product development. We make certain that the plans developed by us offer a complete product package, which realizes realistic cost projections. Our offshore product software service has the core competencies to drive through all the steps from product conceptualization to product sustenance actions.

Quality assurance and product testing
Quality assurance is followed for all the coding standards and remarks, product performance, functionality, and user-interface enhancements, utilizing unit testing or integrated testing, as the need is. Our strong process-driven approach, focused on product feature reliability, and in detail product development measures leads to higher customer contentment.

Product maintenance and support
MindPower WebLabs provides tier 1/2/3 maintenance and support service that include solutions to end-user issues, developing hot fixes, making customary maintenance releases along with configuration upgrades, if any.

Commercialization of product
MindPower WebLabs also offers commercialization of the product developed; utilizing web based promotional ideas, interactive presentations, print media, or use of multimedia in form of CD’s, TV promotions etc.

We provide integration services to transit between different hardware products and software applications, ensuring seamless practicability.

Product feature enhancement

On bases of real-world feedback, MindPower WebLabs implements changing product enhancements features keeping a stringent control over the cost.
Powered with long years of our experience in the area of product development, MindPower WebLabs’s offshore software product development center with its established practices, globally renowned deliverables, along with state-of-art facilities, ensures maximum returns to the investment from the clients.

Our Services include:

  • Architecture of product
  • New product development
  • Product testing
  • Product alteration
  • Product re-architecting / re-engineering
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