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A Website Design involves not just the way it appears but also the way it operates. We launch impact designs and easy to navigate websites. Discover more about the MindPower WebLabs web design advantage.

Web designing and custom graphic work is one of the best offering made by MindPower WebLabs, our web design team prepares unique, original and creative templates. We prepare excellent Web interfaces and GUI, maintaining a perfect balance between web site graphics & content.

The term web designing is often confused with web development, but web designing is a completely different aspect of web site development. Web designing involves making websites more aesthetically pleasing, and is centered on impressing users by providing a visually pleasing experience. Web designing has improved in leaps and bounds over the years, and large design firms have produced stunning websites using the latest design techniques available. If you are looking for a web designing firm, here are a few tips to help you find a web designing firm:

Look for experience
One of the first things you need to look for is the prior work done by the MindPower WebLabs and the MindPower Group of Businesses. Most web design Company has a detailed portfolio that showcases websites they have worked on. Don't go by first impressions, take time out to visit some of the websites mentioned in the portfolio and judge for yourself if the websites are as appealing as you want your website to be. It is important that you are aware of a web designing team's capabilities before you show interest in their services. If you are looking for something different than what the organization is offering but find the web designing firm is capable, don't hesitate to contact them regarding your specific requirement.

Communicate clearly
Most webmasters have a common problem when they outsource their web designing to a non English speaking country; webmasters have trouble communicating with people that do not speak English as their first language. If you are planning on outsourcing your web design to a non-English speaking country, make sure you can communicate effectively with the MindPower WebLabs. Web designing is perhaps the most challenging task involved in website designing and development as it involves visualization, conceptualization and implementation of a variety of ideas. If your web designers are not able to comprehend what you want, web designing can turn out to be a frustrating and pain staking process.

Customer support
Another vital factor that influences effective communication is the availability of the design team. Look for a web designing firm that is easily reachable during working hours and can be contacted by different methods like email, chat and phone. Look for a web design company that believes in offering excellent customer care as you will be in touch with them even after the website has been launched. Remember, web designing is not a one time process and addition of pages, changes to designs, and incorporation of new code usually require continued inputs from the web designing team. It is important that you stay in constant and continuous touch with the web designing team.

Technical aspects of web designing
Before you start using the latest design template provided by your web designers, make sure you check to see how fast the new design actually loads up. It is important to remember that even in the United States not everyone has high speed internet connections, and the number of broadband users is even lower in other parts of the world. A good design is only useful if the webpage loads quickly, and does not make the internet user wait for minutes before displaying the contents of the web page. If possible, load the design template in software like Dreamweaver and then look at the page stats (that display page size and loading speed for different internet connections) to better understand how long the page will take to load.

Different Forms of website Design (please put them as separate links of Website Design):-

Static website design

Static web site defines a site with linked pages using a font or graphics-based logo, and consisting text, and simple graphics. Sites may contain any number of pages with minimum script and HTML. Static websites results in easy downloadable images, browser compatibility and smooth navigation having eye catching graphics and interactivity.
A Static website can support your business to identify your products, services, and any other related information you want your esteemed visitors to have access to.

What is a static website?
A static website is a set of static pages which are linked together. It is an html file created and saved locally either on a computer or in a server. Each time a change is needed the html file needs to be re-opened, edited and saved.
Small companies and professionals benefit from having a static website.
Companies having small economy promoting their products and services and professionals promoting their services are among the beneficiaries from having a static website. Any kind of business with a small set of products or services can get tremendous help from it.
We use the present and the best of technologies and coding standards enabling that the prime audience can access your website (including screen readers and other browsers). This is our specialty which separates us away from others. The most Unique concept, professional image, easy navigation with decent look and internet marketing search engine friendliness are the prime elements we focus at, in each and every website design that we make alive!

Dynamic Website Design

 A dynamic website is vital for articles such as online databases, e-business, and mutual or shared content, membership, private areas, knowledge base, a resume or jobs database, online shopping site etc. A dynamic web page is any web page, which has content that is changed by a program or script at the time the page is requested for. Dynamic website pages are the page that allows a user to set preferences regarding what kind of information will be displayed as and when required.

Dynamic pages are most often custom-made in order to offer some form of personalization in the response demonstrated to the ultimate customer. Dynamic pages are noticeably and evidently beneficial, and although search engines may be able to catalog some of them, generally the pure volume alone is an inhibiting factor to most Search Engines.
The dynamic site is essential when frequent change in website content is important and also to reduce maintenance of the site for the users who do not know HTML. In an exclusively dynamic website, all web contents are stored in a database and brought together into a web page when the page is requested. In this type of websites when the content is recovered, MindPower WebLabs specialists merge it with a template that makes available components that are common to the whole site or sub sections of the site.
From low budget websites to E-Commerce solutions, the creative web designers and skillful coders of MindPower WebLabs build dependable web sites that help your business keep growing. Search engine optimization that lights up your web site, Long term protection of your Internet assets with scheduled maintenance programs.

Flash Website Design

Great websites don't just turn out overnight--they are made with the skill that comes from years of experience of developing graphics and content that work exclusively for the Internet. Combined with emerging technologies that produce satisfying visitor experiences, our talent and skills yield to superior websites of uncompromising quality and functionality atMindPower WebLabs.

At MindPower WebLabs, we're committed to developing every graphic, logo, or website to the best of our abilities. Our graphics, websites, and logos capture the essence of our clients and deliver the message with impact. We pay attention to our clients to find out about their business strategy and invest the time and energy to make sure that every graphic, every word of content, every tone in a website becomes clear, memorable, and effective.
As the Cutting edge web sites today are being lead by Macromedia Flash design, we opt for that if that if the clients requirement suggests that. Flash web pages are energetic and vibrant, highly graphic and full of multimedia content. MindPower WebLabs has the right people to provide reasonably priced flash web design without compromising quality.

Our Flash web sites can be much more than a Flash only production. Our flash designers can integrate html, 3D graphics, audio and video into our designs providing a complete and fulfilling multimedia experience for your viewer.

By Using the most up-to-date web development programs and design strategies, our flash designers makes it certain that whoever visits your site will leave with all the information they wanted and in addition to that have an exciting web experience they won't soon forget.

Custom Website Design

MindPower WebLabs specializes in custom web site design, website development, search engine optimization and Website Marketing. We have widespread Custom Web Site Design expertise and till date have designed many custom web sites with extensive effectiveness. Our custom web site designers work closely with clients to deliver the best web page service and quality websites. Our Professional custom website design's will make believable to buyer, sell more products and also increase your online profits. We provide secure, flexible and cost-effective e-commerce applications and utilize an appropriate strategy to turn your vision into reality. Our dictum is "If you can dream it - we can build it" and we do so.

Our Methodology of Designing a Custom Website
MindPower WebLabs custom website design methodology ensures every project begins with a well-defined plan, and the final results are consistent, reliable and also fulfill the vision, needs, and desires of clients business. Our goal is to work with client from concept to final product to create the website client want. Before we begin the process of designing website the script, outline, design elements and the layout will be submitted to client for review and approval. Based on client feedback, we will make the necessary layout changes to the design and the artwork. Our Custom website application design process consists of some distinctive steps:

The scope of design custom web sites
At first we check the scope of the custom web site which clients are designing. It is very important that the target of the web site is clear to our mind when designing a web page. This will give us a definitive idea of what client want and helps us to set up the look of the web site before we start the initial build. We design online sites with the aim to be user friendly and easy to surf.

The layout for Design Website
We design the layout of the website according to the requirement of the websites. The design of an attractive website layout is the most important part of any web design project. We design the attractive page layout depending upon the following thing:

  • Keep the layout simple but unique
  • Original, 100% custom-made design and high-quality graphics
  • Readable font size and face (Using CSS)
  • Ensure your site is easy to navigate, quick to load and user friendly
  • Use web safe eye soothing color
  • Keep track of dimensions of a web page
  • Limit file size

Domain name Registration
Choose a seo friendly domain name for clients site if they do not have that. If clients like, we can provide the domain name, check its availability, or register it for them. We will select the domain name, which will attract buyers, increase visibility and inspire trust. If any client requires even greater security, we can monitor their domain with active monitoring services, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or more often if client like.

Custom Website Design and content Submission We will create a design to view and collect feedback from client. Based on client feedback, we will make the necessary design changes. When client is completely satisfied with the design of the website and upon his instruction our work on the site as a whole will begin. In this time you will be requested to send all the content (photos, information, text etc) and other materials via postal email. All concepts and revisions can be viewed online through our domain and there is always an open channel communication with us.

Search Engine Rank
Our selected custom Web Design Team designs sites, and if required, works on Search Engine Optimization simultaneously. To make new custom Web Site an integral part of the business, Search Engine Optimization is crucial. Our comprehensive internet marketing software tools and web site promotion solutions will help client to improve their web site ranking, Link popularity, Meta tag optimization, and search engine ranking in all of the major search engines and drive more traffic to your web site.

Final approval of website
When we have finished building website we will submit it to client for approval. If there are any changes client would like to make, just let me know. When these final changes are done, we will upload the website to clients webhosts servers, and the site will be online, viewable by people worldwide!
Whatever the project, we will continue working on it until client is completely satisfied. Client is always welcome to contact us during any stage of this process. Client’s satisfaction is our goal. We appreciate any and all feedback! Together, we will work to create the site of your dreams that will help your business succeed and deliver exactly what you need and maybe a little more.

Website Redesigning

With the growth of the internet, a large number of websites are losing their place due to their poor design, continuous improvement in web related technology, and use for updated techniques. Therefore, it has become extremely important to make your website design look attractive and fresh as well as maintain an edge over the design, functionality and navigation of your website. To do this, it is important to get your website redesign done by a professional website design company. We at MindPower WebLabs to execute your website redesign by increasing its usability and enhancing your organizations image.

We at MindPower WebLabs believe in website redesign based on various facets of recovery which include identifying target audience, developing persona, and conduction required studies and defining the site's structure. The steps we follow in website redesign include:

  1. Perception: The very first step in website redesign is to critically analyze the existing website in order to determine its positive and negative points. This is done in order to extract the essence of the existing website design so that the best possible redesign solution can be determined.
  2. Interaction: The next important step in Website Redesign is Interaction. This process is basically used to convey our thoughts to the clients as well as to listen to their points. Important details such as format, budget, etc are determined in this step. It is extremely important to maintain proper communication with the client in order to have absolute transparency but what the clients wants and what we are delivering.
  1. Result: A solid online presence is what is required for a business to succeed online. We assure you website redesign which is structured to be completely flawless. Our tradition is to serve nothing but the very best. We would redesign your website in such away that your visibility would be improved, thus leading to more and more business opportunities for you.

Why Choose Us?

Some of the reasons why you should choose us for your website redesigning are:

  • We have immense expertise and knowledge about the latest techniques of website redesign.
  • We encourage open interaction between the client and the website design team in order to come up with the best solution.
  • We take the client's needs and requirements into utmost consideration when doing your website redesign.
We make decisions regarding the techniques to be used after evaluating the latest technologies that will affect your website design strategy.
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