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What is included in custom "Website Development"?
Web development incorporates all areas of creating a Web site for the World Wide Web. This includes planning analysis, designing (graphic design, HTML, CSS, usability and semantics), programming, hosting server administration, testing and Bug fixing, deployment, and marketing.
When we will be going to develop your website at first we discover the purpose behind your Website Development. It is the most important step we make before the beginning of Website Development. In MindPower WebLabs when we develop a website we follow the guidelines mentioned below:

Planning and Analysis

At first we understand the purpose of your Website. We ask ourselves..

  • What is the purpose of your website?
  • How does its purpose align with your strategic business objectives?
  • How users will attract to your site?
  • What are the most important things that users want to do or find at your site?

MindPower WebLabs shape your website with the help of the answers of these questions.


After planning and analyzing your project we together will think about the design of your Website. When we design your website we always keep customers in mind. We design your website simple, user friendly, eye soothing and also quickly uploaded. When we design your website we follow the below guidelines:

  • We design an attractive simple website layout.
  • We choose color theme very attractive and energetic, which will keep visitors captivated and intrigued.
  • We choose the background colors, which will be soothing to the eye. Also choose text fonts and colors that give good contrasts with your backgrounds.


MindPower WebLabs use modern technologies for secure and reliable website development. In MindPower WebLabs we work on different level. At the simplest level, a website can be a few static, text-based pages. A more complex site might use a database to store content and include functions such as a search facility, CMS control, Shopping Cart or feedback form; while the most sophisticated websites employ animation, sound and videos as well as member´s areas, forums, user polls and a range of other functions. The functionality of your website will also depend on your budget.
We have the expertise in doing projects based on HTML/DHTML, XML, JavaScript; VBScript, JAVA, ASP/MSSQL, PHP/MYSQL, JSP, PERL, ASP.NET, C, C++. We have a bunch of experienced developers and they are dedicated in their respective fields. WebDevelopmentExpert specializes in providing high tech, end-to-end e-Commerce, and e Business solutions using these languages.

Hosting and Server Administration

MindPower WebLabs is there for you to provide you service and support at a very low price. Our commitment to you is to provide high-quality products, reliable services, and top-notch customer support to all our hosting customers. Throughout our 5 years of offering web hosting we have always been dedicated to treating our clients with the utmost of respect and delivering the best possible service aimed at not just satisfying but delighting! We aim to delight all of our clients with exceptional web hosting and over the top service. All the testimonials included were sent to us spontaneously by delighted clients - This is without a doubt the page that we are most proud of on our entire website!

Testing and Deployment

Another important thing is testing. Before we deploy the application built over Web, we are tested the developed website well. After testing if any error occurs we´ll do needful changes to that. When we assured that the product functions to requirements in the specified environment then we deploy the project to your domain. The main objective of this testing is to ensure that the package would work well, when it is deployed.

MindPower WebLabs gained recognition with high quality web development projects internationally. We are one of the top website designers and web developers and are recognized as the leading IT related solution and service Provider Company in the area of web designing and e-business application development, multimedia development and data processing.

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